It’s Been a Long Time Coming!

I thought it was about time that I put fingers to keys and re-invigorated my Blog on D Cole Supplies

The week commencing 16th September as been quiet and rather uneventful. Apart from Adele’s car breaking down and then managing to lock the key in the front door and not being able to get it back out again, nothing of any real note as
occurred. Despite this seeming lack of activity have managed to sell another few unusual items. This week we have sold a Qualitas Tahiti basin to be specially re-fired to Soft Cream, Old English White Chloe basin and a Twyfords Advent back to wall pan in White. This morning we sold an Ideal Standard Alto cistern lid in Whisper Cream to a lovely lady in Glasgow.

Returning to my bog, yes that’s bog not blog. It seems that I am getting asked more and more for loo’s with levers. I knew it would only be a matter of time before people would start getting fed up with those darn push buttons breaking on them. Of course we are able to supply these WC’s at very pleasing prices. Watch this space!

Now I have access again to my Blog. You will be hearing more from me, or should I say reading more from me.

Love and kisses, Jim

Variety is the Spice of Life!

Must keep running up and down the stairs to keep warm! Always seems the same Cheltenham Festival week.

Strange day yesterday had a call from one of the biggest Civil Engineering firms in the country after plumbing fittings. Because we take cards over the phone we were able to oblige. Then in walk two Latvian guys with an ancient 1″ bath tap, trying to get the valve out. After putting in my vice and hitting with an hammer about fifty times yes eventually the valve decided to come out.

Sold a Champagne basin to a lovely lady in Cheltenham, a toilet seat to guy in Regents Park and Whisper Pink cistern was ordered up for glorious Dorset. Then we had a bath repair kit turn up from North Carolina. Boy, we have got such a low carbon footprint!

Well they do say variety is the spice of life.


Since Monday have felt like a physical wreck. Nevertheless, looking on the bright side, I have not missed a day off work. Then again I have always been a martyr to the cause. It is now Friday and have survived the week. What a week too. Most of my custom this week as come from the Cheltenham, Bristol, Swindon triangle. Not quite as exotic as the Bermuda version, however far more profitable for me….

In the retro sales department the colours Champagne, Linden Green, Pampas and Harvest gold have been prevalent. The icing on the cake this week was as special order for a Twilight Jade Accent close coupled cistern which will eventually make its way across the Mediterranean Sea to Malta. Should have named the firm D Cole International.

In the current Bathroom world Burlington still seems to be selling well, if not in quite the proliferation it was in the middle of last year. Also have had some fabulous display samples from the Damixa brassware range in for display. I loved the Damixa tap range so much I even bought one for my own kitchen.

Here’s hoping that the sun shines brightly for all our BOG sorry BLOG followers! Jim

Live Poets Society of Europe Present an Ode to Cole

On this day of momentus shifts in Euroland. It is gratifying to know that Daniel Rough Diamond Russell from the Gloucestershire Canton of Belgium as dedicated his latest work to us. Please see below:

No need to sit and fret, or worry about that sink,
your floor may be getting wet, and your U-bend may give a stink.
There’s a solution to every problem, a plug for every hole,
for all your bathroom needs, just call The Brothers, Cole.

It just goes to show that not all that comes out of Brussels is dictatorial and ill conceived. This is the a shot in the arm for common sense.

Vive La Nation,

Vincent “Six months” Van Gogh



The New Year 2013. Optimistically 13 is my lucky number and despite nearly breaking my shoulder last night I am still looking forward to what promises to be a promising yet challenging year. Only three days ago I managed to buy back my Great Grandfather’s WW1 medals after a 52 year family absence. It was such a good feeling to have them back. With all the general doom and gloom in the nation at present it really does give a sense of perspective considering the 4 years of hell George Cole went through between 1914 and 1918.
Have had a bright start to the new Year with Primrose, Turquoise, Pergamon, Avocado, Linden Green and Pampas already on order this week alone. Have had a number of enquiries for the old Brampton 2614 cistern by Twyfords that has not been produced since 1980! Hopefully this demand continues through the rest of Lucky 2013.
Mind how you go. Jim Cole


This could be the next Christmas No.1! Yes I am looking into the financial fog, I guess, I am just too busy to Blog. Will catch up with all you happy people in December. Love and kisses. Jim



I think every one can agree with me, when I say that modern technology has taken over the world and evolved faster than ever imagined. This topic has sprung to mind as we have just received an upgraded card reader. Its half the size of the old one and it does the exact same job. Have you noticed that the newer an object is, the smaller it gets? Being a bathroom retailer of course this leads me to the thought of toilets. We spend three years of our lives on the toilet, however it could be said that there has not been a huge modernisation of it. The oldest discovered by archaeologists was 4,000 years old in North-West India, using leaves to wipe their bums. It took us 3,763 years later to invent the first flush, take your time! Despite the Victorian age seeing so much progress in the world of toilets, many people in rural areas still used the privies at the bottom of the garden until the 1960s. Since then, not much has moved on in comparison to things such as flight e.g Neil Armstrong (RIP). The most exciting revelation in the toilet world was the 21st century automatic flush and the Japanese’s paperless toilet. However at a cost around £2500 each I’m not sure the general public are going to warm to them. Word along the sanitary grapevine is that Bill Gates is creating a toilet that operates without running water, electricity or a septic system. He’s been showing off a toilet that uses black soldier fly larvae to process waste and create environmentally friendly animal feed. So who knows maybe there is hope beyond the horizon for the adaptation of toilets?

Saving the Spud Gun

Meanwhile in the Metropolis that is the steamy hub of commerce, Wotton under Edge. Jim is under pressure to serve is ever growing South African clientele, whilst still trying to deal with his regulars. While not exactly expecting a surge in trade, because of the Olympics and Summer holidays, things have not been so bad in the world of D Cole Supplies. The more discerning clients have come out of the wood work and have placed orders astoundingly for, Lefroy Brooks, Perrin & Rowe of Mayfair, Shaws of Darwen amongst others.
On the obsolete side of the business the real funky colours have been selling well. Just a small list to savour: Wild Sage, Indian Ivory, Kashmir Beige, Pampas, Whisper Grey, Twilight Slate, Oyster, Whisper Pink, Heather, Champagne, and even a little Turquoise. The most pleasing moment of the week for Jim was stumbling across some 3 tap hole bidets, which were not listed on the computer. Sad but true.
To top the day off, we have just sold a 15 pence ‘O’ ring to reinvigorate a little kids spud gun, well worth the investment.
It just goes to show that you can spend a lot or just a little and still get total satisfaction from D Cole Supplies.

Precipitation For The Nation

This July our so called ‘summer’ has been washed away, literally down the drain. With the hope for dry Olympic celebrations fading , people are still supporting the nation with an increase of people buying our union jack toilet seats! It seems that the previous jubilee celebrations has encouraged people to spruce up their own thrones. At this very moment the rain has relieved us for a while and it is a beautiful sunny day in Wotton-Under-Edge, however not many people seem to be influenced to buy bathrooms on these such days. We are currently holding a summer sale with 50-70% off all showroom items, every one loves a good sale and a bargain! Plenty of the locals are getting there daily exercise after sadly being redirected from us to the pound shop to get green bags; the looks of disappointment. Oh dear, the boss is coming…look busy!


Well, with all the distractions of the Jubilee, Euro 2012 and the up and coming Olympic extravaganza we must admit business is slower than usual at D Cole Supplies. However our Showroom sale is well underway and some items are beginning to move. The biggest shock was seeing the Black WC and basin disappear yesterday. This is the famous Black WC shown in the film. We must get a picture of the very patriotic looking Showroom, before all the festivities are truly over and done with. Yours optimistically, Jim Cole